Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tuscano’s Hand Improves (New Market Added)

I just received confirmation that our appointment with ACE Commercial Risk Services has been finalized and is effective immediately. I’ve had several conversations with customers over the past few months that convinced me this would be a good and necessary move for us.
Premiums and coverage forms are very competitive, and classes of business include the following:
  • D&O (For Profit and Not For Profit)
  • Technology E&O, and Data Breach, Privacy and Network Security can be included or written stand alone
  • Environmental Contractors
  • Stand Alone Contractors Pollution
  • Miscellaneous E&O (incl TPA’s, Trustees, Real Estate agents, Temporary Staffing, Construction Managers, Property Managers and more)
ACE is another great card in the deck that we can offer to you, our customer. Combined with an already strong group of markets and the service and professionalism you’ve come to expect from Tuscano, you’ll be playing to win.
If you’ve been stuck gambling on another broker to get this done for you, or if you’ve never worked with ACE, now’s the time to ante up and contact us. We’re betting you’ll be happy you did!

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