Monday, July 16, 2012

New Professional Liability Opportunities in PA

paralympics race

If you get a chance to watch the Paralympic Games I highly recommend it. I’m guessing you’ll be amazed and inspired  by what competitive desire, hard work and technology can do.

Pennsylvania House Bill 48 of Session 2011, amended June 27, 2012, may provide you with an opportunity to write new business for some of your existing customers. And if you’re not aware of any existing accounts that fit this profile, it may give you reason to knock on some doors of local business owners.

The bill requires, among other things, that orthotists, orthotic fitters, pedorthists and prosthetists purchase and maintain professional liability in the amount of $1 MILL per occurrence or per claim.

All of these professions are related to the evaluation, design, fabrication, assembly, fitting and/or adjusting of artificial limbs, or braces or appliances to support poorly functioning or non-functioning limbs or joints. If you want to see a more detailed definition for these professions as listed in Bill 48, here’s the link:

Bill 48 is directed toward licensed professionals and requires the work being done to be as a result of a written prescription by a physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, etc.

If you have questions regarding these professions, if you need an application or want to discuss current policy coverage, let me know.

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