Monday, June 4, 2012

Coverage Update–New Option for Stand Alone Sexual Misconduct Liability

kcpq-tacoma-high-school-band-director-reigns-a-001Stadium High School, Tacoma WA, where the high school band director resigned after allegations of inappropriate sexual contact with a student. Photo from WGNTV.COM

The photo above is the one of the first I found simply because it’s a fairly recent event, but unfortunately I could have picked just about any state in the union for headlines about high school or college related sexual misconduct. And a similar sad story can be told concerning healthcare facilities, religious institutions and many, many others. The risk is real and profound, as recent headlines have all too often pointed out.

We’re now offering a new option for stand alone sexual misconduct coverage. This isn’t intended for a small risk, but really fills some possible coverage gaps for mid to large size entities, public and private. And it’s important to note this isn’t an afterthought with sub limits of $50,000 or $100,000. In this day and time a $50,000 limit just isn’t sufficient. Here’s a quick summary:

What Does the Policy Provide? Risk Management Advice and Broad Insurance Coverage for Liability and Costs of Defense Regarding Claims for Sexual Misconduct and Molestation and/or Negligent Hiring and Supervision.

Who’s Covered? Executive Directors, Trustees, Employees, Coaches, Counselors, Clergy and Volunteers.

What’s Included? Negligent Hiring, Employment, Investigation, Supervision, Training or Retention Of, Failure to Report Employees Who Commit Sexual Misconduct/Molestation.

Additional Benefits? Tailored Risk Management, Including Access to a Web Based Risk Management Tool. Employee and Volunteer Training Information. Early Loss Mitigation and Access to a Network of Expert Counsel.

Which Entities Are Targets? Religious Institutions, Educational Institutions, Leisure Services, Social Services and Healthcare Organizations.

Minimum Premium? $10,000 for $1 MILL Limit

Limits Available? Up to $5 MILL, Primary or Excess.

Call or email and ask for more information or an application.