Monday, May 16, 2011


Being around our first grandchild has made me once again realize how much things can and do change. He's growing fast physically and so are his motor skills. It's awesome to watch. And he's really cute too...

The market is ever changing, and recently we've seen a few of those changes in the area of architects and engineers.

Over time one admitted market has slowly but surely taken themselves out of the mix on most risks in Florida, especially since so much work in Florida involves condos. Another admitted carrier is getting less and less interested in this class and it's being reflected in their rates - upward of course. A third is non-renewing their book on risks with less than $5 MILL in revenue.

In a stroke of great timing or good fortune, or both, our options just got a little broader. In a number of states (unfortunately not in Florida) we've added another new admitted market for Architects and Engineers accounts. That gives us five options now that are admitted (four in Florida), and an even greater number of excellent non-admitted carriers complement that list for risks that don't fit on the admitted side.

Keep in mind that there are a number of ways to write these accounts, especially if your client is being pressed to carry higher limits for a specific project or client, or if they are looking at a short term project involving new exposures. We also have markets for those closely related to this class, including draftsman, engineers and consultants. Minimum premiums on smaller A&E accounts at lower limits can be as low as $1500, though most come in higher than that.

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